First Edition of 1981 copies worldwide. (NOT individually numbered)
500 signed and numbered copies available, exclusive to this website.

During the production of this book, the NASA Space Transportation System was winding down. However, by the time you have the chance to read this book, the space shuttle program will be no more than a memory... mission is to make sure it's not a distant one.

Commemorating 30 years of space shuttle exploration, this beautifully crafted photography book by graphic artist Luke Wesley Price, comprises some of the most breath taking and awe-inspiring NASA images from the space shuttle’s 30 year service history, ever to be published in one impressive collection.

This book is a salute to 30 years of an American treasure, a world phenomenon and arguably, the most technologically advanced vehicle ever made - The NASA space shuttle.

This book pays tribute to the 5 space worthy orbiters built by NASA: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, and exhibits them in some of the most amazing images you will ever see. The photographs have been carefully chosen from a selection of NASA's space shuttle missions. From the dangerous launch sequence to some of the most vivid mission photographs, such as space walks, extraordinary astronaut maintenance work, docking with the International Space Station and much more, this 240 page 10”x10” Hardback book is a piece of art and history you will want to pick up time and time again.

The photographs are presented beautifully and displayed in a fashion which lets the images do the talking. Towards the back of the book you will find listed details on every single space shuttle mission flown, including launch dates, listed crew members for each mission, plus a fantastic gallery of all 135 mission patches.

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